Located at Central Park, Downtown Seguin

Park Plaza Building

217 S River St Suite 206

Seguin, TX 78155



  • Nicole combines her 11 years of experience as an LMT In Luxury Spas, Pro Sports, Sports Therapy & Pain Management Offices.
  • Opened her massage studio, Seguin Sports Massage, after moving back home to Seguin from Los Angeles.
  • Nicole was Awarded Top Performer in 2018 at what was voted L.A.'s #1 Massage Center, based on client retention and satisfaction.
  • Experienced in working on clients with conditions such as: sciatica, headaches, migraines, stress, anxiety, whiplash, disk issues, nerve impingement, muscle strain, tendonitis, rotator cuff injury, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases, joint pain, arthritis, and neck or low back pain.
  • She combines her specialties of Neuromuscular Therapy and Orthopedic Tui Na with Relaxation methods.
Neuromuscular Therapy, NMT:

Muscle specific massage

Manual compression at knots and trigger point sites

Improves communication between muscles and nervous system

Focus on postural distortion, bio-mechanical dysfunction, muscle strain

Orthopedic Tui Na:

Treats pain from TCM standpoint: Pain = Qi and Blood Stagnation

Specific protocols for soft tissue injury 

Motor Acupressure Points

Involves crossfiber, tendon plucking, and pin & stretch trigger points